Places to Explore

You are probably wondering what the hospital looks like. This isn't like any other hospital you've seen, and there are some really fun places here. Let's go exploring together!

The Atrium

The Atrium is the hospital's front door. When you get here, you’ll be greeted by colorful butterflies hanging from the really high glass ceiling and two fun characters jumping rope.

The Atrium is a great place for you to relax with your family and enjoy some time away from your room.

Don't forget to look up and count the butterflies when you get here!

The Zone

The Zone is a huge play area that is bigger than a basketball court! It is on the 6th floor and is a great place to play with your brothers, sisters, parents or other kids visiting the hospital.

Your doctors and nurses can come play with you, too, but not until they take off their white coats. In The Zone, there are no medical jackets allowed!

It's Always Playtime in
The Zone

In The Zone, there are special areas for kids of all ages and activities for everyone.

You will find lots of books, crafts and games, as well as​ ​video games, ​an air hockey table​,​ a theater room ​and much more.

"I love when the therapy dogs come to play, and movie night is my favorite!"
-Skippy, the red jump roping bird

Your Very Own Room

Even though nothing is quite like your room at home, your room here is pretty cool. It is painted with bright colors, and you can decorate it with all of your favorite things. Plus, you don’t have to share your room with anyone else (unless you want one of your parents to stay with you).

In your room, you will have your own bed, a couple of chairs or a couch that pulls out for your family to stay overnight, your own bathroom and TV. Also, you might notice some medical gadgets in there. These gadgets may make some noises and look a little bit different, but don’t worry. It is all there to make sure that you start feeling better.

Pack Your Favorite Things in the Wagon

Let's pack the wagon!

When you come to the hospital, you can bring your favorite things. Let's start packing now.


People to Meet

There are a lot of people at the hospital, and they are all really, really, really nice. I promise. Would you like to meet a few of my friends who work here?

Who Will You Meet?


Doctors help figure out how to make your body feel better. They wear white coats and ask you a lot of questions
about how you are feeling.


Nurses take care of you while you are at the hospital. They check on you, ask you a lot of questions and bring you medicine when you need it.

Child Life Specialist

Child Life Specialists help you learn about and understand being in the hospital. They also make the hospital
a little bit easier and more fun.


Anesthesiologists are sleepy medicine doctors who make sure you stay asleep during surgery. They also give you medicine if you have any pain.


Transporters are people who move
you from room to room in a wagon,
a wheelchair or maybe even a bed
on wheels.

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapists help you with moving around so your muscles get stronger. They help you do the things
you did before you came to the hospital,
like walking and playing.

And More!

You might meet a few other nice people during your stay, like housekeepers, chaplains and even volunteers. Be sure
to say "Hi" to them for me!

The Stuff You'll See

During your visit, you will see a lot of gadgets and machines. This stuff can look strange, but don't worry, it is all here to make you feel better. If you don't believe me, take a look and see for yourself!

What Do You Think This Stuff Is?


A Stethoscope helps doctors and nurses hear your heartbeat and breathing.

Blood Pressure Cuff

A Blood Pressure Cuff wraps around your arm and gives it a big hug to measure your blood pressure.

Pulse Ox

A Pulse Ox is clipped onto your finger or is a sticky piece of cloth that wraps around your finger. It counts the deep breaths you take and has a red light on it.

Masks, Hats, & Scrubs

Doctors and nurses wear silly masks, hats and blue clothes called scrubs to be sure everything stays clean while they are working.

Anesthesia Mask

An Anesthesia Mask is a sleepy air mask your anesthesiologist uses to give you sleepy medicine before tests or surgery. The mask goes over your nose and mouth, and it can even have a fun smell like bubble gum or strawberry!


An IV is a medicine straw that is placed into a vein in your hand, arm or foot to get medicine into your body really fast.


Leads are stickers put on your chest and stomach. Like a stethoscope, leads measure how many times your heart beats and measure your breathing, too.


An X-Ray Machine takes pictures of your bones.

CT Scanner (Sound On)

A CT Scanner takes special pictures of the inside of your body while you lay very still. The camera gets really close to you, but don't worry, it won't touch you. Can you hear the sound the machine makes?

MRI Machine (Sound On)

An MRI Machine looks like a big doughnut and takes detailed pictures of the inside of your body. MRIs can take a while, so you might get some sleepy medicine before so you can rest. Can you hear the sound the machine makes?

Nuclear Medicine Machine

A nuclear medicine machine is a special camera that looks at your bones or organs. The camera is underneath you, and it doesn't make any noise.


The flouroscopy camera is like an X-ray but it takes an X-ray movie so it can see how things move inside your body. The camera gets really close but doesn't touch you.

Words You'll Hear

At the hospital, it can sound like people are speaking code. A lot of words you hear sound like other things but really mean something else! Don't worry though, I'll teach you all about these words.

What Do These Words Mean?


A stretcher is a bed with wheels. You lay on
a stretcher while you are in the hospital.

"Put you on another floor"

This means that you are going to another level
in the hospital. The hospital has 10 levels or
floors that you can be on or moved to.

Dressing Change

A dressing change means that you will get
new special bandages. Someone takes off
the old bandages, cleans you up and gives
you new ones.


ICU means the Intensive Care Unit. The
ICU is a floor in the hospital with rooms
where doctors watch you and your body
very closely.

"Draw blood"and
"Lab test"

These mean that someone will take a tiny
amount of your blood and look at it closely
so the doctor can figure out why you are
feeling sick.


Doc is just the short name for a doctor.


Resident is another name for a doctor.

"Put to sleep"

These are words used when talking about
the sleepy medicine. When you get the sleepy
medicine, you will stay asleep for the whole
time the doctors are working and wake up
when they are done.


When nurses check your vitals, this means
they listen to your heartbeat and breathing,
check your pulse, check your temperature,
and check your weight and height.

Stool Collection

A small sample of your poop is a stool
collection. Sometimes doctors run tests
on it to find out why your body is feeling sick.


NPO stands for "No food by mouth." This
means you are not supposed to eat or
drink anything so your tummy can rest
and your body can get ready for tests
or surgery.


A shot is one way doctors give you medicine
in the hospital. It is like a small poke.


Some kids say a poke feels like a pinch. When you are in the hospital, a poke is one way your doctors and nurses might give you medicine.

Injecting Dye

Some tests at the hospital need special
medicine called dye that is given to you
through an IV. The dye shows the doctors
things about the inside of your body that
they wouldn't be able to see without it.


A 4x4 is special kind of bandage made of
cloth. It is in the shape of a square.

More Places to Explore if You are Having Surgery

If you are visiting the hospital for surgery, you might see a bunch of other medical rooms with a lot of the gadgets and machines you just learned about. Let's keep exploring!

Exam Room

The day of your surgery, you will visit an Exam Room. It is also called the Pre-op Room. This is a place where a nurse will take your vitals. This means that they will weigh you, measure how tall you are and take your temperature and pulse.

Then, doctors might come in to talk to you and your parents about your visit. You can ask them questions, and they will explain everything to you so you know what to expect.

Surgery Room

When it is time for your surgery, a nurse will take you back to the Surgery Room, also called the OR, and your family will stay in the Waiting Room.

There are a lot of lights and machines in the OR. The lights are like big flashlights. Some kids say they look like spaceships or satellites. What do you think?

Also, you will see people in masks, hats and blue pajamas called scrubs. They wear these to make sure everything stays really clean.

A special doctor called an anesthesiologist will give you a mask to hold over your nose and mouth. The mask has medicine in it that will help you fall fast asleep so the doctors can help you feel better.

Recovery Room

After your surgery, you will wake up in the Recovery Room. You will probably still feel sleepy from the medicine. There will be nurses there to check on you, and one of your parents can be in the Recovery Room, too.

If you are leaving the hospital that day, you might go to a second recovery room. You will be able to have something to drink and watch TV until the doctors tell you it is time to go home.

If you are spending the night at the hospital, after the recovery room you will go upstairs to your hospital room.

See You Soon!

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you learned that the hospital is full of neat places, cool gadgets and really nice people. Have fun exploring the actual hospital, and stop back by and see us soon!

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